Landon Patmore

With challenge comes perseverance, determination, and innovation.

New Jersey, USA
Available for hire


Projects I've been working on lately.

File transferring conforming to the TFTP (RFC-1350) and TFTP Option Extension (RFC-2347) protocols with some modifications

This takes the existing functionality of displaying the map and data on a second monitor, and improves on it drastically.

A Go implementation to poll an API at certain intervals.

Contains an assignment for CSC 445 that measures the latency and throughput of TCP and/or UDP packets sent over a network.

This repo contains the code for my CSC 495 capstone.

This package contains various small utils for the Go language.

Bot that alerts GroupMe, Discord, and Slack users about various things happening in their Yahoo Fantasy Sports league.

TransientGO is a competitive, single-player, mobile game developed to generate awareness and enthusiasm for the LSST Telescope.